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Windows 8 activation to avoid reinstall the system to re-activate the trouble, we can back up its activation information, reinstall the system to restore the activation information can be. Activation information can only be activated on the same computer and cannot be used on other computers.

Activation information backup recovery one:

Back up activation information by backing up only the following two files,



%SYSTEMROOT% refers to the windows folder on the disk where you installed the system

Simple point we directly backup%SYSTEMROOT%\\System32\\spp\\store\\ this folder, reinstall the system as long as the folder can be overwritten (stop the sppsvc service before the cover: Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Services - Find Software Protection Service, stop, and then copy overwrite the store folder, then open this service after overwriting)

Activation information backup and recovery II:

Please paste the above red data into Notepad, save it as the file name bak.cmd (file type select all files), right-click to run this file as an administrator and follow the steps.

Turn from oh Yeah network!

Win8 optimizer actually contains this feature. . But thanks for sharing!

Simply back up the System32\\spp\\store\\ directory and reinstall the system. Simply rewrite this folder over it! !

Is the blue part. .

How can I turn off that service?\u0026nbsp;I can't operate it after I find it? Only open \u0026nbsp;\u0026nbsp;Close, Stop options are gray

Net stop sppsvc

Who can provide the backup 32-bit that has been activated.

Trouble, one-click backup of the Rubik's cube to Ok, and reloading is activated when the active key is installed. Advertising, this post!

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This is good!\u0026nbsp;\u0026nbsp;

There is a hidden file tokens.dat, do not backup?


Stop Software Protection Service

This service is my only start option! ! why

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The picture is normal.

same! In other words, is it my closure?

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